This is Our Youth

a comedy/drama

by Kenneth Lonergan

directed by Pat Nims

Jan 15 - 30, 2016


Gen-$20  Sen-$18

Stu-$15  Child-$12


THIS IS OUR YOUTH follows three wayward young people as they navigate New York in 1982, recreating their broken homes in both their dysfunctional friendships and their bungled attempts at finding love. THIS IS OUR YOUTH is a living snapshot of the moment when young people first find themselves on the threshold of adulthood—far more sophisticated than their parents realize, and far less effectual than they themselves can possibly imagine.


THIS IS OUR YOUTH reminds us why The New York Times calls Kenneth Lonergan “arguably the most important American playwright of the last 20 years,” and why Slate calls him “the most potent dramatic voice of his generation.”


Originally produced Off-Broadway in 1996, "This is Our Youth" played in London and Australia in 2002.  It was produced on Broadway in 2014 with Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin and Tavi Gevinson.  Adult language and situations, not recommended for children under 16.




Fernando Siu ...  Dennis Ziegler

Andrew Pryor-Ramirez ... Warren Straub

Bessie Zolno ... Jessica Goldman


NY Times critic Peter Marks called the play "a revealing and offbeat dissection of its world. It is not easy to find love and humor in the middle of nowhere. It's sheer relief to celebrate the return of a rambunctious and witty play about wayward teen-agers and post-adolescents that doesn't turn youthful travails into plastic rap."


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