Mar 31 - Apr 15,


The Sunshine Boys

by Neil Simon

directed by

Ron Nash


Gen $24, Sen $21

Stu $21, Child $12

The Sunshine Boys is a Neil Simon classic of past glories of Vaudeville coming back to haunt the two actors in the team of "The Sunshine Boys".  Willie lives alone in a small apartment in upper Broadway in New York.  "Retired" from the old Vaudeville stage, he longs to return to the stage and has his nephew, Ben, looking out for some auditions to try out again.  Finally, Ben finds a gig for Willie on TV, but only in the old team with his routine partner, Al.  The "old days" are not Willie's best memories, but he acquiesces and the old show goes onstage for one last time.


If we haven't been delighted with Simon's brilliant repartee one-liners up to now, act two brings all the wit and humor of Neil Simon into focus for us, knowing all the backstage nuances of the team.  This comedy shines with Simon's genius and gives us a beautiful rendition of a Vaudeville act of the past, complete with the good doctor, patient and buxom nurse characters.


AL - "What is this, a doctor's office or a laundry?  I bet you never went to medical school."

WILLIE - "What are you talkin'.. WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN' .. I went to Columbia Medical School."

AL - "Did you pass?"

WILLIE - "Certainly."

AL - "Well, you should have gone in!"


Don't pass this show up for a great time at the Belrose Theatre.. they are the perfect match.



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