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Larry Williams will play DAVID on Oct 28 (8:00pm) and on Nov 18 (2:00pm).

Pinky a new play by

David Templeton

directed by Carl Jordan

Oct 27 & 28

 Nov 10, 11, 17, 18, 2017

8 p.m. Fri & Sat

2 p.m. Sat 11/11 & 11/18

An-obsessive little comedy about love, friendship and other role-playing games

Written by David Templeton and directed by Carl Jordan


David (Jeffrey Weissman) still remembers the day he fell in love, at first sight, with a girl named Pinky.  Pinky (Melissa Claire) has never forgotten the day her best friend David wrecked it all when he told her he loved her.  He was sixteen.  She was fifteen.  And that was a long time ago.


In this intricately structured tour-de-force for two actors, playwright David Templeton tells two stories at the same time, as a nerdy, dungeons & dragons-playing teenager attempts to sweep the girl of his dreams off her feet, while she stays firm in her resolve to wait for P.C. (Prince Charming).  David's version of the story involves goblins, swordfights, treasure hunts, buried treasure, and one not-so-secret kidnapping.  Pinky's version, anchored in a bit of worldly advice from her Aunt Emily ("never settle for second best"), is the same - swordfights, treasure hunts, kidnapping - only .. different.


Critics have called it "sweet," "hilarious," "outrageous" and "deeply affecting." "It's the 'Godfather' of nerdy teenage love stories."


David Templeton, best known as a North Bay journalist and theatre critic, is the author of several plays ('Wretch Like Me,' 'Drumming with Anuble,' 'Polar Bears').  His novella 'Mary Shelley's Body' was published last year in the anthology 'Eternal Frankenstein,' by Worde Horde Books.


Belrose Theatre, 1415 5th Ave, San Rafael


30 Los Alondras Court, Novato, CA  94947       415-290-1433