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The Public Eye

   Mitchell Field - Charles Sidley

   Ellen Brooks - Julian Cristoforou

   Emily Ludlow - Belinda Sidley


Ludlow Fair

      Keara Reardon - Rachel

      Hande Gokbas - Agnes


Suddenly It's Springtime

One Acts


Gen $24, Sen $21

Stu $21, Child $12

The Public Eye

by Peter Shaffer

directed by Billie Cox


Ludlow Fair

by Landford Wilson

directed by Renee Mandel-Sher

May 26 - June 10


8pm Evenings,

2pm Sat Matinees

One Act plays are a great way to present multiple writers, directors and cast to an audience in a single evening.  Marin Onstage has brought together two one act plays by major writers for Spring, both dealing with relationships in very different ways.


"The Public Eye" was written by Peter Shaffer in 1962 as part of a double bill with another play.  A suspicious accountant hires a private eye to follow his young wife, who he believes is having an affair.  The private eye's findings are totally different from the accountant's suspicions.  The problem turns out to be with the accountant and not the wife, and the private eye provides the key to the marriage.  Peter Shaffer creates the seeds to many of his future plays, and creates a delightful private eye in the process.


"Ludlow Fair" was written by Lanford Wilson in 1965 and opened in New York's Caffe Cino and then Off-Broadway. This is a bedtime story involving two girl roommates. Rachael is exciting and fairly fast-living, and tends to over dramatize her life; Agnes is more reserved but has a kooky personality.  Rachel has turned her latest boyfriend in to the police when he stole some money.  Now she is remorseful and decides she is in love with him. Agnes tries to cheer her up with wisecracks, but when Rachel falls asleep, Agnes becomes the realist and the true romantic.  The play is simple and moving, with surprising insights.


Suddenly It's Springtime One-Acts opens May 26 and runs until June 10 at the Belrose Theatre in San Rafael, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and matinees on June 3 and June 10 at 2pm.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at or at 415-448-6152.  Ticket prices are $24 for General, $21 for Seniors and Students.  Children are $12.



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